Top 5 Ways to Avoid Stress-Related Weight Gain

Today, the world is a busy place. Your work may be extremely hectic, your family-life may be nagging and troublesome, friendships can be a handful, and your life can become a rat race filled with stress! Stress affects people from all walks of life and can negatively influence your life by causing serious health conditions including anxiety, insomnia, muscle pain, high blood pressure and obesity. Stress-related weight gain is a serious concern and is very difficult to deal with, especially when it develops into a vicious cycle of stress and weight gain.

Just healthy exercise and a strict diet are not enough to reduce your weight, but you have to consider the intangible factors, particularly stress, which is the most obvious yet ignored causes of weight gain. Experts suggest that even with a healthy diet and exercise routine, chronic stress will prevent you from losing that extra pound of fat or worse still, add to your already staggering weight. If you ask any expert with a good reputation about the most ignored risk factor for weight gain, 99 out of 100  will tell you that it is STRESS!

Does Stress really cause Weight-Gain?

A recent research by the Ohio State University shows that stressful family situations and a busy work schedule can lead to weight gain over time. Individuals who were stressed out in one or more ways during the previous 24 hours burned 104 calories lesser than non-stressed individuals in a similar situation after eating a high-fat meal. This might seem insignificant but adds to a mighty 11 pounds a year to your body weight. Alarming, isn’t it? At this rate, you might even double your body weight after about 10 years!

Stress increases weight gain by increasing the fight-or-flight hormones, adrenaline along with corticotrophin releasing hormone (CRH) and Cortisol in response to our daily stress. Adrenaline and CRH released during acute stressful situations actually make you lose your appetite but Cortisol, released more often during longer durations of stress, hangs in a bit longer causing you to feel hungrier and thus adding to the build-up of fat in your belly.

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The fight-or-flight response is the body’s response to a perceived threat to survival or any harmful event, and that worked wonderfully well in olden times when man had to fight off or run away from wild animals for survival. Although we don’t fight off or run away from wild animals expending the enormous energy generated by the fight-or-flight response, we rather sit and sulk when we feel threatened or are stressed out. Our bodies then demand more food. This causes us to gain more weight as our stress hormones signal our body to eat up sugar-rich goodies to rapidly replenish “lost energy” during stress.

But hey, watch out! You almost forgot that you were just sitting and sulking, not fighting an angry lion or running from it.

Top 5 Ways to Avoid Stress-Related Weight Gain

Anyone can be affected by stress-related weight gain – it affects thousands of people across the globe. Although your hormones signal you to eat carbohydrate-rich foods after or during stressful situations, the decision to eat is yours. This means that you are prone to become a habitual food-junkie aka to become extremely fat with the amount of stress that you have to deal with on a daily basis. If you are in the habit of eating sugar-rich goodies every time you feel stressed out, you alone are responsible for your weight gain. If you are at all concerned about your weight, you should break this vicious cycle of stress and weight gain.

To get you started, listed below are the top 5 ways to avoid stress-related weight gain:

Exercise regularly: Exercise is a great way to burn calories while also helping in reducing the amount of stress hormones released by the body. But, remember that over exercising might cause even more stress and yes, weight gain. So, a healthy dose of exercise such as running or yoga or Pilates would be a step in the right direction. A suggested healthy routine would be 20 minutes of exercise 3 to 5 times a week.

Eat smart, eat healthy: Eating small, frequent meals helps in reducing sugar and insulin levels, which in turn reduces the levels of the stress hormone, cortisol. When stressed out and hungry, remember that every single calorie counts. Remember, that high-carbohydrate meals cause weight gain. Snack, if you have to, but only on whole grain foods such as fruits, whole-grain flakes and cereals, which are rich in dietary fiber. Also, fasting once in a while might be a beneficial habit, skipping meals regularly can be a poor way to manage weight-gain.

Relax and get enough sleep: Not getting enough sleep and relaxation are the two most important stressors in today’s busy world. Give yourself sufficient time to relax and sleep. A suggested minimum of 7-8 hours of sleep will keep your mind free of stress. Try meditation or any other stress-relieving activities. Spare 10 to 15 minutes of your time when you just wake up for meditation as it is a great way to relieve stress.

Keep away from alcohol, caffeine and cigarettes: Drinking alcohol to “reduce stress” is a myth, except maybe, if you drink in strict moderation. Cigarettes and caffeine-rich food and drinks such as soft drinks, tea, coffee, and hey, even chocolate can increase your cortisol levels pumping up stress levels. So cut down on these modest stress-boosters, which are known to increase stress.

Take time off from work: Taking time off from regular work can be a great way to deal with stress. It refreshes your body and mind. It is like rebooting your system to clear unnecessary junk. Now go, reward yourself for all the hard work with a vacation away from as many stressors as possible.

Finally, you should discover your very own positive and healthy ways to handle stress as it occurs. This will greatly reduce your emotional burden and help you succeed in life. You should use the “top 5 ways to avoid stress-related weight gain” as a guideline to prevent stress and stress-induced weight gain. Now, go ahead, bust some stress!

Children’s Bedding Options Run The Gamut

Children Bedding

Give a child a bedroom and add an imagination and it’s very likely those four walls will take on many forms through the years. Rather than just being a plain old, boring bedroom, a children’s room can transform into a secret hideout, a castle, a forest and even a playing field. The possibilities kids dream up are amazing. why there are so many choices in children’s bedding.

Helping them feel as though their rooms are truly theirs, the choices of children’s bedding range from those just right for very little ones to styles that fit older children and their interests to a T. Matching those interests or at least creating a haven for a little one to grow, explore and dream can be very important to parents and their children, as well.

Parents shopping for smaller children will find the choices in kid bedding are pretty amazing. From play sports kids bedding for little boys to cartoon kids bedding sets designed specifically for little girls, the options can be overwhelming. But, still, there are times when nothing seems to fit, which is where childrens custom bedding can really help out.

When looking for children bedding styles, it’s a good idea to consider the child in mind carefully. Not all bedding for kids will fit the tastes of every child. Boys, for example, might relish kids camouflage bedding, dinosaur kids bedding or even kids sports bedding, but their sisters might not. Girls might appreciate the upbeat, hip styles of California kids bedding, olive kids bedding that blends in with everything or even children bedding options that celebrate a variety of cartoon themes. The idea is to match the theme, color or style to the child in question.

When shopping for kids bedding, parents will likely notice the prices pretty much run the gamut. From the very expensive to the very affordable, there are entries in every price class. Don’t overlook discount kids bedding for some great choices either. Sales, clearance and discount stores can offer some high quality kid bedding at prices that are almost a steal.

Remember when looking for children’s bedding, there’s a lot more to it than just the comforter and pillowcases. Shoppers with a designer streak can often find matching sets that complete a look, including, drapes, curtain rods, bedding, kids will love.

Whether it’s dinosaur bedding kids are after or a princess themed room, children’s bedding can be found to fit just about any style and taste. The keys are comfort, style and fun.

The Bicycle Crunch

This modified bicycle crunch is a variation of the basic ab crunch and is one of the best ab exercises around. It involves acitivty from all the major ab areas: upper abs, lower abs and the obliques. There is some usage of the pelvis and the legs as well, which makes it a great all-in-one movement. Unlike the traditional bicycle crunch, we’ll only be lifting one leg off the floor at a time. This will help keep the exercise easier for those just starting out and help to minimize possible back stress. If you’re looking to take this up a notch, switch to doing a full bike pedaling motion in the air for your legs instead of what’s shown in steps 4 and 5.

Bicycle Crunch How-To Guide

Start out by lying flat on your back. Keep your hands beside your head. It’s best not to fold them behind your head or neck. As the body tires, it’s common to begin pulling on the head or neck and this can easily lead to neck and back injury.

Flex your stomach lightly and lift your shoulder blades off the floor, no more than 1-2 inches. This allows for a proper twisting motion. Keep your neck straight so as not to strain it.

Focus on steady breathing throughout the whole exercise. Holding your breath only serves to starve the body of fresh oxygen and will tire you out faster. Breathe.

Begin by lifting one knee off the floor and bringing it up to a 45 degree angle, just above your hips. Carfeully twist your torso so that your opposing elbow is pointed towards your elevated knee. Right elbow – left knee. Left elbow – right knee. Focus on keeping your back straight, so don’t strain to twist too far.

Slowly lower down while raising your other knee up to the 45 degree angle and repeat the torso twist but in the opposite direction this time. Right elbow – left knee. Left elbow – right knee. Keep the back straight.

The goal here isn’t to touch your elbow to your knee, just focus on proper movement and feeling the abs tighten.

Repeat this motion 20 times. This makes up 1 set of repetitions.

Give yourself a 60 second break then start another set. Just performing one set is fine for a beginner, but over time, work on building yourself up to doing 2-3 sets of this exercise.

If you’re looking to take the bicycle crunch up a notch, switch to doing a full bike pedaling motion in the air with your legs instead of what’s shown in steps 4 and 5.

Bowflex Home Gyms

The Bowflex Revolution Home Gym is well known as being one of the best home gyms that you can find on the market today. Any Bowflex home gym is going to offer a ton of versatility and a lot of value. This one is certainly no different, and it’s packed with features, stations, workout techniques and more, allowing you to get a complete workout that’s tailored to your needs and designed for success.

Bowflex Revolution Home Gym Features

One of the key features of the Bowflex Revolution home gym is that it offers over 100 different exercises, with 400 exercise variations. That means that just about anything that you could do at a health club you can do right from your home, all from this one Bowflex home gym and premier workout station. features a 5 position foot harness, hand grips, a leg press plate and a preacher curl attachment. The Freedom Arms adjust 170 degrees for upper body workouts from all angles. You can even get some cardio exercise in, from the rowing machine capabilities that are built in.

You can work your upper body, lower body, core ad abs and do it in a way that’s designed to be successful, comfortable, easy to master and more. The Bowflex Revolution home gym also comes with a DVD workout video so you can see the capabilities of the machine and how you can get started, and an instructional manual as well.

Bowflex Revolution Home Gym Specifications

This Bowflex home gym model makes use of Spiraflex resistance technology. This provides a smooth and powerful workout each and every time, and it also allows for a great range of motion and a quiet workout as well. With the standard configuration it offers up to 220 lbs of resistance, and when in its maximum configuration it offers 300 lbs of resistance for the upper body and 600 lbs for the lower body.

When put together it has a height of 6′1", a width of 3′2" and a length of 9′4". The workout area is 10 by 7 feet, however when folded up the Bowflex Revolution home gym is much smaller, at just 55 inches by 38 inches. It’s backed up by a 10 year limited warranty, along with a 6 weeks fitness results guarantee. That means if you really put it to use and in 6 weeks haven’t seen results and don’t like your usage of the machine, you can send it back.

Bowflex Revolution Home Gym Bottom Line

The Bowflex Revolution Home Gym is absolutely loaded with features. Offering over 100 exercises and 400 variations, you have an entire, top quality gym right in your home, allowing you to train every single muscle and muscle group in your body to the fullest. This is a highly rated Bowflex home gym that offers something for everybody and guarantees results, and when you have this on hand your always just a moment away from a fantastic workout.

The Ideal Applications For Feeling And Editing Selfies

Gone will be the days when increasing your mobile at arm’s length and pouting very slightly created the perfect selfie. Because of modern technology, however, studio-quality selfies are as simple as downloading a smartphone application. In only a question of screen taps and swipes, you can put your best face forward with one of these eight free selfie applications.

The very best android selfie apps

1) Parfait: The selfie picker

We’ve all been there: you’ve shot potentially 20 selfies to commemorate your first amazing hair day in weeks, however, you are not certain which one to create. With Parfait, you usually takes the guesswork out of assessing your best take to show off.

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Parfait allows you to upload a number of similar photos, select certain features of a selfie that you would like to focus on, and judge each feature besides the entire photo. After all features in all selfies are evaluated, the application determines which photo or photos possess the most features that met your own standard. As an example, if you’d 10 selfies and wished to decide on the one which best shows off your eyebrows and smile, you would upload all of 10 into the app, highlight your smile and each eyebrow, and then either approve or reject each feature that the app teaches you. After all features are evaluated, the app would subsequently reveal to you the photo that you liked your eyebrows and smile in the very best.

2) Air Brush: The Carefully-crafted selfie

So you need a couple defects cleared, your teeth whitened, some “trouble spots” enhanced, and the ideal filter to show off that wild backdrop? Take care of it all with air-brush. While some applications might overdo it and make you look like a cake-faced babydoll, air brush allows end users to custom-edit photos to achieve the bare minimal enhancements or go all out with pores and skin brushes, wrinkle remover, and much more.

Simply import your photo, create edits having a few screen pinches and strokes, and voil: Your selfie is ready to create its debut. You might also compare before and after photos during the editing process, test your editing out prowess onto a model, and watch demonstrations for every editing tool. Once you’re finished, save your valuable selfie to a camera roll.

3) Facetune two: The live-editing selfie

If air-brush sounds like an excessive amount of guesswork for you, Facetune two is probably more your speed. The application which sets Facetune 2 apart from other free selfie-editing applications is its live-editing attributes, which automatically detects facial features, allowing one to modify the form of one’s eyes, lips, and nose while using the app camera. When you take your selfie, you’re able to alter the curve of one’s grin, how big is your chinand also the width of your own face, resize features, utilize filters, and even more.

Although the Facetune 2 app is totally free, there is an in-app subscription you’ll be able to purchase to have access to the complete application and programs such as automatic touch-ups, easier feature edits (as opposed to just a resize application), adjusted studio light, backdrop replacement, and more.

4) YouCam Makeup: The glamorous selfie

From attaining the organic cosmetics look to projecting a couple of stunning false eyelashes and crimson lipstick, then YouCam Makeup chooses the typical naked-faced selfie into the next level. As the app supplies plenty of preset appearances, users may even customize their cosmetics for each feature of their face and select accessories and hairstyles.

Once uploading a selfie and choosing your appearance, “Fine Tune” and then reposition the makeup to fit your features, or “Compare” to observe how the look pops up into your initial. You can also select from different makeup looks in real time when using the application camera, then personalize the photo after shooting.

Why Starch Clothes?

Often we require our formal clothes as well as special occasional suits to be dry cleaned such that they are free of creases and appear crisp, semi stiff and as good as new. This is known as starching of clothes and is mostly carried out by dry cleaners.

Why starch is good?

Why should you go for starching clothes? If you are wondering what starch is, then it is actually a compound that plants create and is a vital carbohydrate in the diet of humans. But apart from its identity as a vital nutrient required for human functioning it also has various other benefits and practical purposes. Starch creates a thick sticky white paste when it is mixed with warm water and its usage dates back to the Egyptian times when this stick paste was used as an agent to thicken substances. But the question still arises that what does a sticky white paste used in ancient times to have to do with clothes and dry cleaning.

By starching clothes you can enjoy the many benefits of starch. Of the various uses that starch was used for it has been found that starch could attach debris, sweat, dirt and other such grime to it but not attach to cloth thus making it a very useful agent to clean fabric easily. This is the primary reason why starch is used as an agent for dry cleaning. Starched clothes appear crisp and wrinkle free and remain in that condition for longer times thus requiring fewer visits to the dry cleaners.

Starching clothes and its pros and cons

The advantages of using starch for clothes is that it keeps the clothes looking more crisp and polished and makes them stay in such an ironed and wrinkle free condition for longer. Subsequently starch also protects the clothes from stains by sealing individual fibers of the fabric thus making it difficult for dust particles and stains to penetrate through the fabrics of the clothes thus making it easy to wash clothes.

With advantages are also associated disadvantages such as the lifespan of clothes is reduced with repeated usage of starch because over time the starch residues remain on the cuffs, collars and body of the fabric and on drying out cause the threads of the fabric to fray and eventually break. That is why it is often recommended to keep starched clothes straight on a hanger instead of folding them. Starch is also not suitable for all kinds of fabrics and thus it is often advised to check the garment fabric before sending it for starch and get clothes starched from professionals.

However, if you choose the right laundry services, then you will get to enjoy all advantages of starching your clothes. So, starch your clothes and keep them fresh looking.

What needs to be addressed before buying a chair?

Comfortable and relatively cheap: that’s a good description one can give  a saucer chair. Many people seem to be loving this kind of chair because it is pretty durable and does not require a lot of space in a room. It can be easily folded and placed in a very tight spot, so why wouldn’t you want one? Why indeed? You may not want one when you need a chair for your desk. This chair can have certain problem here because it isn’t high enough for some desks. You need to measure that and make sure that it’s the right size for your desk.

If you are a very tall person, you may have issues with it’s back support, as it isn’t very, very tall. It can accommodate pretty much everyone, but people with an over average high may have problems with that. But, this chair is great as a place for reading. It can be used for spending some quality time with a good book. And, if it’s cold, even better because the fabric from which the chair is made is a warm one so you will feel good about it. What else?

The design of a sphere chair is not very complex, as it is a chair especially created for tight spots. Because of its ability to be folded, it is preferred by most people with small apartments. Most people don’t really look at the design of this chair, but if you want to, the first thing to look at would be the frame. The frame of the chair must be either black or match, in some way, the colors found in your room (where you will use the chair). This will ensure that it will blend in nicely. The cushioning area is also a good thing to check as you want something both comfortable and good looking.

Now, you have a decent idea on what you need to look for when shopping for such a chair.

Tony Burch Handbags And Clutches

Many women buy handbags as an accessory that is not only functional, but tells the world who they are. These women are searching for the perfect purse when they shop for a new designer handbag. Several criteria must usually be met by the women that crave the best purse. These handbag qualities include abundant storage pockets, distinct lines, made from high quality materials, and of course style.

As one of the most influential accessories that complete a woman’s ensemble handbags have climbed to the top of the fashion market. As the trends bob and weave, so do the styles of purses offered. Each season women choose a purse according to the current styles and trends. Designers such as Tony Burch Handbags And Clutches, will introduce several new designs in winter 2017. These trends will be reflected in these new styles:

-Armed Forces Themes
-Bright Colors found in Nature
-Animal Prints
-Chartreuse Colored

Clutch bags are timeless and this is evident with the Tory Burch clutch being offered this year. These tiny purses are often found coupled with elegant evening wear and reflect this in their opulent and refined designs. Since the clutch is most often used for formal evening events the styles tend to lean towards classic looks.

Every use has a purse to fit that use. Because of this fact there is a wide variety of styles, colors, and designs to choose from. No matter what function your purse or handbag has to serve you will find one to fit your criteria for the purse that is perfect for you. Whether it be casual, elegant, sassy, or funky. The first decision you have to make is how you plan to use your purse. This will narrow down your search considerably. Tory Burch Purses and other designers provide a selection of elegant handbags that complement every day use in leather or chain designs. It is the goal of designers to produce a great first impression without creating an overbearing effect. Keep in mind that in the search for the perfect purse, simple is usually the best.

The best gaming headsets in the market today

Which is the best gaming headset in the market today? There are so many brands and product lines out there it is hard to know for sure. Here is a quick summary of the main best sellers out there in the market right now.

Logitech G35. This gaming headphone is made with quality, however it is a little more pricey that the other brands. It has a number of unique audio and control features that are quite different from the others. There is a high sensitivity microphone, a 7.1 Dolby surround sound technology, background noise reduction feature and a six real time voice morphing function. The best gaming headsets plugs in directly into your USB jack and there are also 3 unique keys that let the player easily customise and select their sound profiles.

Razer Megalodon. This is one the best gaming headphone currently on the market right now. It can be plugged and played right out of the box and it gives the player virtual 360 surround audio. It plugs into the USB connection either straight into the computer or it can be plugged into the gaming keyboard. The fact that it can be plugged into the keyboard actually improves sound quality and reduce the strain on the computer processor.

Turtle beach x41. Xbox 360 fanatics will see the Turtle beach x41 as the best gaming headset in the market at the moment. It is specially created for the xbox 360 and comes with 7.1 Dolby surround, high sensitivity microphone, fitting ear cushions and a wide adjustable headband. The x41 is also wireless which means it is no problem if the player is seated far away from the TV. It also comes inbuilt with energy saving functions.

Razer carcharias. This headset is created for those consumers who want quality but don’t want to spend too much. For its price, it still comes with 40mm neodymium speakers that deliver very good quality sound. It also has a high sensitivity microphone and noise reduction capabilities.

Subzero Prices For Refrigerators

Subzero fridge freezers are some of the most expensive kitchen appliances available for residential customers. Whilst sub zero refrigerator prices are incredibly high, there are actually people who can afford to pay them.

The average homeowner should really look elsewhere when purchasing a fridge, as sub zero refrigeartor prices are almost out of this world. Even the cheapest of the units – perhaps a small undercounter refrigerator – is going to cost you well over $1000 to purchase.

Some of the high-end units, the subzero Pro 48 would be a prime example – is likely to set you back enough money to purchase a decent pickup truck. Clearly there a few people who can afford – or justify – this type of expense on one individual kitchen appliance.

Due to subzero refrigerator pricing policies, I strongly recommend anyone in the market for new fridge freezer to consider more reasonably priced alternatives. Maytag, Frigidaire and can more all have decent quality refrigerator freezer units at much more reasonable prices.

Even relatively small fridges from subzero, such as their small bar fridges, are incredibly expensive. Subzero prices for these small refrigerators can be more than you will pay for the top-of-the-line and largest refrigerator from manufacturers such as Maytag.

Nevertheless, some very well-off home owners will make the decision to purchase a subzero refrigerator freezer. No one could ever argue that these are not very attractive devices. They have a beautiful steel finish and also incorporate many highly desirable features that make them take pride of place in any kitchen where they are installed.

If you have any friend rich enough to have one of these refrigerators I recommend you check them out, you are sure to be impressed by subzero refrigerators. For your own use however, I do still maintain that more moderately priced brands are a better use of your money.