How to Choose Cheap Curtains

For a new twist on great interior designs and concepts, cheap curtains—yes, those curtains without the eye-popping price tags in the market—are definitely a must-have in these days of frugal living. Read on to discover some of the smartest ways in making those cheap curtains look like posh draperies with the right color combinations of fabrics and curtain accessories.

The most expensive curtain fabrics such as silk or taffeta may come at higher price tags. But as you try to explore the world of cheaper curtain fabrics such as cotton, rayon, jute, or polyester, you can do so much more by combining some cheap fabrics with just the right fusion of colors and patterns. For example, you can place multiple curtain linings to achieve a fuller effect, with pleated curtains creating softer curves as the whole length of the fabric spans the entire height of your window. Multiple linings always look elegant and provide greater privacy by partially or completely blocking sunlight. They are also popular especially during the winter months, as thicker linings trap heat from the inside, providing more efficient insulation.

During the summer months, you can always tuck away the thicker linings and leave the sheer layer of fabric to allow sunlight to shine through, achieving a wider-looking living room as light strikes every corner of your home’s interior space. You can always use tie-backs to hold the curtains on each sides of your window if you prefer more fresh air to pass through.

If it’s the fear of braving the crowds that concerns you, fret not; online stores offer the same great deals—and maybe even more—with just a few clicks on your mouse button. The hassle-free shopping will surely provide you a step closer to selecting even more interesting choices. Alternatively, these websites are also a guide to honeycomb blinds, toppers and valances, curtain linings, accessories, and more concepts for whatever types of windows you have at home.